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Everyone is making something in my house right now.

KPD is making music. Well, okay, he’s mostly playing scales and basic chords, but he’s re-learning to play guitar, and that’s pretty cool.

Kid is making art. She’s working on a big collage on the theme of “Live.” I’m not sure how it will come out, but she’s started by painting the background and the word LIVE, and we’ll see what happens after that dries. She’s also moved on to something with an American theme (appropriate for the Fourth of July.)

And I’m…well, now I’m making a blog post, but a minute ago I was working on my secret cross stitch project, which I began back in March and had put aside for quite a while. I started working on it again a few days ago, and part one of two is nearly done.

As I stitched, I felt really happy inside. I knew that my Kid was bustling happily on her collage, and I was listening to KPD work on his guitar lesson, and I could tell that the mental health inventory in the house was high. It felt good that even though we were all working on different things, there was a kind of synergy in the fact that we were all being creative in the same house at the same time.

Earlier, we all made pompoms together, which seemed to spark the whole creative mood, and I’m kind of proud of myself because when Kid came down for lunch and announced, “After lunch I’m going to do some crafts!” I didn’t just say, “Okay,” I asked her about it, and then I asked her if she’d show me how to do it, and it became a little family moment where we all made pompoms together. It didn’t hurt that the leftover yarn the Kid found was from my Ravenclaw scarf, so we were all making blue and gray pompoms.

I love it when different geek zones overlap.

In a little while, we’re going to a BBQ with our neighbors. This morning we went to a parade. It’s a good day.