Yesterday morning at about 8:40 I was awakened by the sound of the Kid yelling at the dog to get out of her room. I called out his name in an effort to help, and the next thing I knew, the Kid was climbing into my bed and asking if she could turn on the light to read her book. (First law of parenting: never give away the fact that you’re awake.) (Also, shout out to John Green for writing a book my Kid wants to read before she even gets up in the morning!)

I rolled over and put a pillow over my eyes, trying to shut out the light, and the conversation, and the dog following the Kid back into my room and hopping up for cuddles and kisses. And then the Kid said:

It’s time to be awake.

Who says?


So I gave up. But I felt like crap all day. My neck hurt. I had a headache that came and went. I had no energy.

At some point in the evening, when my neck hurt so much I thought a migraine might be starting, it occurred to me that perhaps I hadn’t started the day the best way I could have, and I resolved to get up and take a run in the morning.

So this morning, when I found my eyes opening at around 7am, I didn’t roll over and go back to sleep like I wanted to, I got myself up (slowly) and by 7:40, I was outside. It wasn’t the best run of my life. I crapped out after about 18 minutes of running, and walked the rest of the way. My whole workout was about 35 minutes, and that includes stopping to get the stabby thing out of my shoe. But I am awake. I moved. I stretched when I got back. I’ve gone more steps already today than I did all day yesterday.

And I feel so much better.