Kid: I want to go to work with you so I can visit the Hamilton statue.

Wow. Just wow.

The statue she’s referring to is this one:

I work at Columbia University, and this statue is on the main campus at Columbia College, in front of Hamilton Hall. Since I became a Hamilton Musical fan, whenever I’m there, I like to take a minute to visit. And back when the Kid was a Hamilton Hater, I used to tease her about it, showing her pictures I took or telling Kid and KPD that I visited my boyfriend at lunch time or whatever.

But that’s only part of what makes the Kid’s statement astounding.

The Kid HATES New York City. I mean, she appreciates some of what she can get there, like Broadway shows and good restaurants and museums and her cousins, who live in Brooklyn, but she really dislikes going there. It’s too loud, too smelly, too crowded. And she also hates coming to work with me, because even though she likes some of my work friends, visiting me at work is basically seven hours of sitting at a table entertaining herself while I do work at my desk.

But now she asked me, apropos of nothing, to take her to work with me so she can visit the Hamilton statue. Which isn’t even particularly close to where I work, as I do not work on the main campus. But I will do it. I will find a way. Because that is the Way of the Nerd.