This Sunday, we finally went to Comic Con. We’ve been waiting a few years, partly because we’re not well-organized to get tickets, and partly because we weren’t sure how the Kid would deal with the crowds.

But this year, Comic Con changed the way they distributed tickets, and it looked like we might be able to make it happen, so we tried, and we did it! And Sunday morning we set out, taking the ferry from NJ with all the other nerds.


Boat full of nerds.

We had a great time. I was especially excited to find some Musical Theater swag:


Including this necklace, which made me think of Klaine:


The Kid was psyched because she got to meet Joey Graceffa.


Happy girl is happy.

And I got an autographed Buffy comic with a custom portrait of Spike.


Sexy vampire is sexy.

So a good time was had by all, and I discovered the joy of the Quiet Room. Why doesn’t everywhere crowded have a Quiet Room? I’m looking at you, Elsie Fest, Renaissance Faire, and the mall!

I don’t think we’ll go back, though. There wasn’t really anything there I couldn’t get elsewhere, and while it was really cool to talk to some comic book artists and have them tell the Kid how they got where they are, it was REALLY crowded and expensive, and I don’t think I need to do it again. I’m glad we did it, though, because we had a great day and it was kind of a family bonding experience.

Also, I can’t really claim to be raising my child in nerd culture without at least trying Comic Con once, right?