I just finished watching Season 1 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and I’m not sure what to say about it, other than it’s awesome. I’m really excited about the number of musicals that have been on TV recently and while the songs in this one are really uneven, there’s a lot to love about it.

  1. It’s funny. Really funny. Sometimes it goes over the top, but mostly it’s highly enjoyable.
  2. It’s a musical!
  3. It’s feminist. There are a lot of antifeminist moments, but they are always seen as mistakes.
  4. There’s celebration of different kinds of sexuality, and of other kinds of diversity, although it’s a mostly-white show. There is a main character who’s Filipino, though, which is unusual on TV, and another who’s Mexican.
  5. Did I mention it’s a musical?
  6. There are a variety of female (and male) body types on the show, and while Rachel Bloom does make her body the subject of humor quite a lot, her character (Rebecca Bunch) is certainly seen as sexually desirable although she is not a size 0.
  7. Paula has a life even though she’s married. I mean, she’s unhappy with a lot of things, but there is a storyline there, including her working on her marriage. Which is a heck of a lot better than most shows, which seem to think if you aren’t in the process of falling in love, there’s nothing to write about you.
  8. Oh, and it’s a musical!

So I’m really looking forward to Season 2. Sadly, it’s not something I can watch with the Kid. I think it’s a bit adult for her, and I regret that, since I always think comedy gets better when it’s censored a bit (or self-censored, I guess) but Rachel Bloom is kind of into shocking people so I guess that’s where she wanted to go with it. It would be interesting to see what she would write if she had to stick to a G or PG rating.

But overall, I’m a fan.