I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Kurt is the most developed character on Glee. And because of that, he’s also the most consistent. And there’s one detail in particular that I really enjoy:

Kurt Hummel does not know how to flirt.

Season 1 he wants Finn, so he introduces his dad to Finn’s mom. What?

Season 2, Blaine doesn’t even realize they’re dating. (Also due to Blaine being oblivious, which is part of why Kurt doesn’t learn how to flirt: there’s no point in flirting with Blaine.) images

Throughout their relationship, their flirting consists of statements like: “We’re going to go have the hottest makeup sex ever.” Or, “I’m getting a little turned on.” And, of course, the scheduled make out sessions. And that one text. Which doesn’t even work.

make-outmake-outThen Kurt never once realizes Adam is flirting with him. Which is partly because he’s still in love with Blaine, but also partly because he doesn’t know how to flirt.

And he has to ask Walter if they’re on a date.

And finally, whqdefaulthen Blaine is trying to talk about their relationship in “Transitioning,” Kurt has no idea what’s going on and is totally blindsided when Blaine kisses him, and then he doesn’t know why Blaine came running into the choir room and just trots off on his little date.



It’s just an awesome little character detail and in a show that was so fast and loose with characters and story, it’s nice that they kept that one throughout. And, of course, Kurt’s lack of subtlety is a perfect match for Blaine’s obliviousness. So it works.