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Yesterday I was on Twitter and my good friend @klainesavpm (Vicky) retweeted one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. It’s a parody of Season 6 of Glee, and if it only spent as much time introducing characters we’d never have time to care about, it could be a season of Glee.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and I want to keep it forever, so I wrote to the author of the thread, @darrencurls (Valentina) and asked if I could post it on my blog. Below, with a few tiny edits to fix typos, is the full thread written by @darrencurls on August 7th.


Things about the season 7 of glee you should not forget: a thread

Klaine divorced and Blaine started dating Azimio. They met in a gym where Blaine was practicing boxing

Kurt moved to Russia, where he found love with Vladimir II, the son of the Russian President
Sue is the President of the US, and when she see that Klaine broke up, she contacts the Russian president, ready to start a war
The Russian president is not a fan of Vladimir II and Kurt, and starts to ship Klaine thanks to Sue, so they decide to get Klaine together
Blaine is this amazing songwriter that everybody loves, he’s so famous and he’s nominated for 5 Grammys (Spoilers: he wins all of them)
But Sue decides that the Grammy awards need to happen in Russia, for Klaine to be together again, so she does. And everyone goes to Russia
All of the New Directions and the Warblers (Nick and Jeff are married) go to Russia to support Blaine… And get Klaine back together too
Everyone hates Azimio, because well he was an asshole to all of them. But Blaine is blinded by his love for him
Grammy night is on, Kurt was an special guest because of Vlad. He is wearing a bowtie, and Blaine feels like dying, it’s his kryptonite
Blaine starts to wonder why Kurt and him divorced, he thinks it’s something about pancakes, but he’s not sure about that
Kurt gets a message from the president of Russia: “Go to the special room, you can only get there by the elevator next to the stage”
Blaine gets one too: “The nominees need to be in the special room, go to the elevator next to the stage, it’s the only way to get there”
Klaine meet each other in the elevator, it’s really awkward. The door’s closing when they both feel a dejavu, but the door is already locked
*Weird Scream mask appears on a screen in the wall* “Well Klaine, the story is repeating, you both know what to do to get out 😉 ;)”
Kurt screams “We are not making out in an elevator again” while Blaine looks kinda disappointed about this, but tries to hide it
“I would say to just kiss but I know I am better with my tongue than that Vladimir of yours so you’d probably forget about him” -Blaine
“Oh really? My tongue would make you forget your own name, let alone the Simio you’re dating” -Kurt says, getting closer to Blaine
“His name is a Azimio, not Simio” “Simio is Spanish for Ape and he looks like one” Blaine laughs, because it’s true, and he loves sassy Kurt
B puts Kurt against the wall, doing a sexy smirk “So let’s do a bet, who can make the other one forget their boyfriend first, wins, deal?”
Kurt smiles, he knows this is a mistake but Blaine’s lips are so close, and he’s biting his lower lip. He needs to kiss him, so he does
They don’t even know who forgot about their boyfriend first, but after they started to kiss, neither of them wanted to stop
The screen comes to life to show Sue saying “Klaine, keep it PG-13, the whole world is watching you kiss in the Grammys, go further later”
Blaine starts to laugh, while Kurt gets worried. Their boyfriends watched them kissing on the big screens, this is gonna be awkward
The host says “Blaine Anderson not only won 5 Grammys tonight, he also got the hottest kiss the TV has ever seen. Lucky guy he is”
Vladimir is offended, and he tells his dad “I want them expulsed from Russia, this is unacceptable”
But the president of Russia has different plans, he smiles to Sue and says “Son, don’t try to fight the Klaine Romance” THE END
Special thank to because she’s as deep in drugs as I am, so she helped me to write this mess
Thanks for the story Valentina, and thanks for retweeting it where I could see it, Vicky! Glee fans, go follow @darrencurls and @klainesavpm on Twitter, and you can follow me, too @rachelferat.