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Today a bunch of Klainers decided they would try to make “3 Years Of The Klaine Proposal” trend on Twitter. It was a ridiculous stunt, particularly given that tonight is the Presidential debate, which is important not just to real people like me and Chris Colfer and Darren Criss, but I suspect also to Kurt and Blaine, if they existed.¬†After all, both Kurt and Blaine talk about politics quite a lot. They each mention the importance of Marriage Equality more than once, and Blaine says of the proposal itself that he wants it to be a symbol of the changing political times.

So these guys, of all people, would be watching the current election very closely. Trump has said he’ll make gay marriage illegal again. I doubt that he could do it, but that’s what he said. So Klaine, like Colfer and Criss, would be adamantly anti-Trump. And given the importance of the Supreme Court and the influence the next President will have over its composition, I expect that Klaine, like Colfer and Criss, would be out there advocating for Clinton, who has said she’ll fight for the rights of all people. (Sadly, in the Glee universe, Jeb Bush wins this election, with Sue Sylvester as his running mate. Not good for the Supreme Court, but maybe Sue is able to change some Republican minds about marriage equality given her pro-gay stance.)

But watching my Twitter feed fill up with glorious, colorful pictures of happy Klaine was lots of fun, and a wonderful distraction from all the articles predicting what may or may not happen at the debate. I was very impressed by the amount of work people were willing to put into a silly, fun project like that, and it’s always cool to see people from around the world united to make something happen.

And despite the fact that, as the Kid pointed out while I was watching the proposal in honor of the occasion, Klaine broke up before they got married, it’s a happy occasion to celebrate. Celebration is always a good thing, so I endorse it.

Just, American friends: Make sure you vote, too.