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I started watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend tonight. I only got through the first episode, but it’s worth it just for the last minute and a half. I’ll definitely give it a few more chances.

With the family, we started Galavant Season 2. It’s so much better than Season 1, I can’t even. No more repetitive music, no more pining for the evil queen, and Roberta is terrific. I heard they’re trying to make more of this somehow, and I hope they do.

And since the election isn’t here yet (make sure you’re registered to vote, American friends over the age of 18) I decided to watch Glee again, this time only the Burt Hummel episodes. I don’t know if I’ll be able to stick to that once I get into Season 2, but that’s my plan. I do love Burt Hummel. And of course, any episode with Burt prominently features Kurt, which is never a bad thing.


This episode is all about the head tilt. And Burt. And Beyonce. But mostly the head tilt.

I’m so glad that musicals are back in fashion.