Yesterday we made our annual pilgrimage to the New York Renaissance Faire. This has been a family favorite since we first went, back when the Kid was about 5 and I had a former student (a former acting student, thankyouverymuch) who was playing one of Robin Hood’s band. (He went on to play Robin Hood in future years.)

Well, this year, KPD has a former student who is playing a musician/Eros.


See all the gold? That means he’s Eros.

We had a great day. It’s become a tradition for us to go, which means we know where all the privies are and all our favorite foods, and we’ve seen most of the shows, so we can go see our favorites and we know which ones to skip and go shopping instead. We got some Christmas gifts taken care of, and found a really cool fairy house down by Robin Hood’s Bridge.


And as the different nerd worlds love to crisscross, they now sell butterbeer, which is one of the Kid’s favorite treats, partly because she’s a Potterhead and partly because it’s delicious.

We love so many things at the Faire, but one of them is horses. I always try to get horse glamor shots. This was the most glamorous one I got this year.