Every time I think about the one episode of Glee written by Chris Colfer, it gets me wondering. The episode is called “Old Dog, New Tricks,” and it was the second to last episode in Season 5. I like it a lot, though I like most of the New York-focused episodes that nearly killed (or probably actually killed) the series, so it’s not saying much. And unsurprisingly it has a strong focus on Kurt, which is something most of my favorite episodes also have in common.

But the thing I wonder is: Why did Chris Colfer, who was born in 1990, write an episode that could have been a dream I had in 4th grade (in 1984?)

Just picture 4th grade me telling you about her dream:

I was Peter Pan but I was singing Madonna but first I had to audition so I sang “Memories” from Cats and Lando Calrissian was there and also Tim Conway. Oh, and there were puppies.


Seriously, people: Peter Pan (particularly the musical, which was the first Broadway show I saw) was a constant childhood obsession of mine, I loved Star Wars and The Carole Burnett Show (and Madonna, that goes without saying: I was a girl in the 80’s) and anyone who sang was singing “Memories.” We sang it in chorus in fourth grade. And if you don’t know about me and dogs, you haven’t been reading this blog.

It’s like Chris Colfer channeled 4th grade me for some reason.

Weird, right?