I still don’t get the whole thing about Kurt not having enough extracurriculars to get into college. Here’s his resume:

Sophomore year: Glee Club (won Sectionals), school musical (Riff), Football Team, Cheerios (won Nationals, interviewed on television because he was the star of the routine), mattress commercial, cared for his father after a heart attack


Junior year: Glee Club (12th place at Nationals), Warblers (won Sectionals, solo at Regionals), founded school chapter of PFLAG, Prom Queen, writer of Pip, Pip, Hooray: A Pippa Middleton Musical, planned a wedding


Senior year: school musical (Officer Krupke), Glee Club (won Nationals), star of televised Christmas special, volunteered at soup kitchen, Student Campaign Director for a winning Congressional Campaign


He can’t help but pull focus. Sorry.

Plus, he’s got a fashion portfolio good enough to get him hired at Vogue.com AND a kick-ass essay about how he confronted his bully and convinced him to co-found the school chapter of PFLAG. Or one about his dad’s heart attack and what he learned from it. Or one about taking care of his family after his mother died. AND he works at his dad’s shop, “keeps his boyfriend physically satisfied” (as Rachel Berry would say), and cooks dinner every night. No question he would have been a better Senior Class President than Brittany, but he doesn’t need it for his resume.

What’s wrong with you, NYADA?