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Last year we discovered, to our great delight, that the children who live at The Paw House enjoy hobby games. It started with Munchkin, but we were able to introduce them to Oz Fluxx, and they bought Monty Python Fluxx right away. It was great fun.

So this year, we were looking forward to playing games with the boys, and we packed accordingly.

We taught them Sushi Go!, Adventure Time Fluxx, Firefly Fluxx (which we purchased at one of those independent bookstores I was writing about the other day) and Smash-Up, which we packed especially for the boys. They taught us Sheriff of Nottingham and Dragonwood.

I am not a big fan of Sheriff of Nottingham because I don’t like bluffing games (which is why we don’t own this one, despite its being featured on Tabletop.) I hate lying, and I’m not good at reading social cues, so unless I get really, really good cards, I’m pretty much screwed at a game like that. On the other hand, we LOVED Dragonwood, and plan to purchase it ASAP.

The older brother also showed us the game he’s designing, which is a set collecting game, so he’s been designing lots of cards and it’s exciting to see all the work he’s putting into it. I can’t wait to play it when he’s done designing.

But any vacation that features gaming pretty much every day after breakfast and dinner is a win.

Thanks, guys! See you soon.