I know I haven’t been writing much this week, but that’s because we’re at the dog hotel. There will be many posts generated from this trip, and most of them will come after we get home, but this one can’t wait.

We’ve been coming to The Paw House for several years now, and over the years we’ve become friends with the owners of the inn. Last year, we made friends with their kids, too, bonding over a love of board games. Now, when we’re here, the boys come over to the inn most every morning and evening to play games with us.

Last night, they invited us to their house to watch a movie in the backyard. It was lovely. Their three dogs were playing with Harpo, then Stanley settled down on the Kid’s lap and Harpo snuggled onto mine, and we watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It was the Kid’s first real exposure to Monty Python. She has played Monty Python Fluxx, and we bought some novelty items for my brother’s birthday this year, but she never got any Python references before.

Even though she’s still a little young (we did skip that one scene) and thinks Python is more weird than funny (though some parts were funny) there’s something about knowing the world of references she’s just entered that makes me feel closer to her, and like we’ve taken a significant step in her nerd education. It’s like she’s one major step closer to being a grown-up nerd now.

Welcome to Python, Kid. Getting those jokes will help you find the right people in this world, even if you never become a fan. But you will become a fan. It’s Python.