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I was thinking about Elsie Fest and how I miss hearing Chris Colfer sing. And it occurred to me that he wouldn’t even need to learn any new songs if he wanted to sing at Elsie Fest. He could just sing all the Broadway songs Kurt sang on Glee, and he’d have a set. Then I started thinking about it, and I made a list:

  1. Mister Cellophane
  2. Defying Gravity
  3. Rose’s Turn
  4. Le Jazz Hot!
  5. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
  6. As If We Never Said Goodbye
  7. Some People
  8. I’m the Greatest Star
  9. The Music of the Night
  10. Not the Boy Next Door
  11. Being Alive
  12. Bring Him Home
  13. I’m Still Here
  14. Memory
  15. Popular

And if he was feeling like being nice to me, he’d also sing “Blackbird.” And a couple of duets with Darren Criss, but that’s neither here nor there.

I’m looking at this list, and holy hell, it’s no wonder Kurt didn’t sing more often! These are just the solos and just the solos that come from Broadway. It’s also no wonder Chris Colfer has taken a break from singing. These are some of the most challenging songs in all of Broadway. In three of them (“Defying Gravity,” “Being Alive,” and “Bring Him Home,”) he had to convincingly out-sing Lea Michele, and make it look easy. He had to sell all of them to a mainstream audience. And he did all of this while working sixteen-hour days and (in his spare time) writing a series of best-selling children’s books. Oh, and a movie that he also starred in.

I’d totally buy that album.

So, I get that singing this set would probably kill a person, but Chris, just pick a few, then sing (I don’t know) “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and “You Make Me Feel So Young” with Darren, tell a few stories, and we’ll all be totally happy, I promise. Or sing something else. I don’t care. Just please sing!!!