There are stages to Glee addiction. You can tell which stage you’re in by what song is stuck in your head. The first one, obviously, is “Don’t Stop Believin’.” After that, people veer off based on their particular interests. That’s the joy of an ensemble show: there’s something for everyone.

If you’re into all-male a cappella, or romance, or anthems, or Kristen Chenoweth, or April Rhodes, or (like me) all of the above, then at some point, the song is “Raise Your Glass.”

For me, I think it got most stuck in my head when I was pondering the relationship of Season 2 songs to Kurt and Blaine’s relationship.*

And while it was stuck in my head, an image appeared in my imagination. I thought it would make a good t-shirt, but I don’t really make t-shirts (though I might, you never know.) I do, however, make cross-stitches, so I figured out how to make it.

It took work. I had to find the right image, and put it into KPD’s computer, since he has design software, and then export it and send it to my computer, since I have MacStitch, and then I had to redo all the stitches a few times because first I had the colors wrong, and then the spacing and sizing of the letters, and then the image wasn’t clear where it was and I had to move it over, but in the end, I made the thing, and because of all that work, I’m super-proud of it!


It’s hanging in my office.

*I just have to add this. I thought that I probably had this idea while I was thinking about Season 2 obsessively. I thought it was right around when I figured out that “Candles” is really about Rachel, but “Raise Your Glass” is about Kurt and Blaine, particularly this line. After all, lots of people think that gay people are “wrong,” so Blaine is “wrong in all the right ways” as far as Kurt is concerned. (And as far as I am concerned.) Which is part of why the line resonates with me. I also think it kind of describes me and all the people I like best, which is why I want it hanging on my wall. But I was really pleased to find out, when I went to put the links into this post, that I was exactly right, and I have written proof, in the form of back-to-back blog posts. A cool side-effect of blogging.