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I was thinking about how awesome Leslie Odom, Jr. is this morning (like you do) and I once again decided that the relationship between Sam and Tom is my favorite thing about Smash. (Besides the musical numbers. But I always watch Sam if he’s in a musical number.)


“You’re my best self.” [swoon]

This, of course, led me to contemplate my similar love of Klaine and suddenly it hit me that between Glee and Smash, the only reasonably-healthy relationships the Kid gets to see are between gay men. (I guess on Glee the Schuester-Pillsbury relationship is pretty okay, and the Burt-Carole relationship is great, but they both kind of vanish once they’re married.)

So after the Olympics, we’re going to have to find something to watch where there’s a decent relationship that has a woman in it. The poor Kid is going to grow up thinking she has no chance at a decent relationship, just because she’s a girl!