Season 1: No Christmas episode

Season 2: “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is one of the first Klaine moments, goes viral, and is beloved by fans.

Season 3: “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” features Klaine hosting in spectacular, black and white glory. “Let it Snow” is widely praised, and “Favorite Things” makes me giddy.

Season 4: Glee informs us that the annual Klaine duet is a tradition we all can’t live without even though Kurt and Blaine are broken up, and gives us “White Christmas.” Which we also love.

Season 5: Kurt and Blaine are engaged. No duet for you! The writers set up an episode with literally no rules, but can’t figure out a way that Klaine could have been together last year, even though they were actually physically together last year.

Season 6: No Christmas episode