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Here’s a thing I learned with my stalker-ish internet behavior lately.

Darren Criss is totally a baby Paul Rudd.

Witness this:

Or this.

And, surprisingly, this:

You wouldn’t think you could Paul Rudd it up while sincerely singing Frank Sinatra with Michael Feinstien, but Darren Criss can’t help it. Because he’s a baby Paul Rudd.

Oh, there are differences, of course. Paul Rudd isn’t particularly into Broadway, for example, unless he’s keeping it really, really secret. But you can attribute most of those to their generational differences: Rudd grew up mostly in Kansas in the 70’s and 80’s; Criss in San Francisco in the 90’s. So of COURSE Criss is into Disney, Potter, and musical theater, while Rudd is into sketch comedy and fart jokes.

It’s easy to miss the similarities between them if you only know Criss from Glee, or his roles on Broadway. Because, you know, he’s an actor. He seems different when he’s playing a character. But when he’s playing himself or–er–a straight man, it comes out.

And the thing is, I REALLY want to see that movie. Like, a romantic comedy where Criss plays the young lover who’s sweet and innocent and woos the woman and they fall in love, but then they break up or get divorced and we see them in their late 40’s, and he’s played by Rudd, and he’s all bitter and sarcastic now. And there are lots of flips back and forth in time so you can really enjoy the similarities and contrasts between them. Best part? Criss plays the piano and sings while he’s wooing, and then Rudd can do his sarcastic air-piano thing to make fun of her. But then Rudd pulls out his romantic comedy  chops, and we see lots of flashbacks to Criss’s romantic comedy chops, and they fall in love again and everyone is happy.

I haven’t decided who should play the woman, though. I’m going to insist on it being a straight movie because otherwise there would be no women in it and that’s not cool. Actually, everyone else in the movie should be a woman, because why not?

Hey, Paul Rudd! Can you sing? Stop by Elsie Fest and show us, if you can. That would be fun!