We just got back from seeing Ghostbusters. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed all four women, and it was a good, exciting, summer adventure movie, with women kicking ass all over the place.

Of course, it was impossible to resist comparing it to the original Ghostbusters, and it just doesn’t hold up. Some questions:

  1. Why wasn’t there a romance? There were two in the original movie, and they brought depth and conflict. They couldn’t just kill Zool because someone they loved would be harmed, too. That’s a genuine ethical conflict, and this movie lacked one of those.
  2. What were the career paths of the three scientists? What were they researching at the beginning of the movie? What was Melissa McCarthy’s scientific background? I’m not saying the original Ghostbusters was deep, but the characters were three-dimensional. These were not.
  3. Why was everyone else in the movie, except the Mayor’s assistant, male? Seriously, why?
  4. Rick Moranis? Anyone?

Actually, I think those are all of my problems. As I said, I mostly enjoyed it, but it just doesn’t have the heft that the original movie did, and therefore it could have been much shorter without losing anything. Even so, it’s really funny, and I had fun dancing to the theme song, and cheering at the exciting bits, even if I was with a boring NJ audience who wouldn’t join in with either.