On Saturday we went to the Star Trek exhibit that’s currently showing in New York at the Intrepid Museum.

It’s called Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience, and it’s awesome. When you enter the exhibit, you’re given a wrist band that you use to check in at all the different stations in the exhibit. If you’re my Kid, you share yours with your favorite action figure.


Odo models the Kid’s wristband.

You can do all the things you’ve always wanted to:

  • Use a medical tricorder
  • Land a ship on a planet
  • Beam yourself up

And lots of things you never knew you wanted to, like making an image of yourself as an alien and taking academy tests to find out your ideal career in Starfleet. (I’m unsurprisingly, sorted into Communications.) At the end, you can sit on the bridge and take the Kobayashi Maru. That chair is made of some NICE leather. (Replicated, I’m sure.)


Odo is thinking about joining Starfleet.



I’m in Wil Wheaton’s seat, bitches! No, YOU’RE on the wrong ship.

We had such a great time! The Kid got really interested in seeing the Intrepid, too, but it was way too hot on Saturday to be walking around on the deck of a battleship, so we’ll go back again another time.

If you’re in the New York area, the exhibit is up through October. Then I think it will tour, so keep an eye out if you live elsewhere.