Season 6, episode 1

Instead of all the stupid talking with Rachel and Kurt, you go straight from this:

to Kurt singing this:

while he’s returning to Lima, ending up at the bar with Blaine. And when he’s done singing, Blaine says, “I’m seeing someone.” Do the rest of that scene as written. THEN you have Kurt go to Rachel’s house and they’re both devastated together and come up with the plan to save the glee club.

SO much better. It’s more powerful, saves time, uses music to make feelings clear (like Glee is supposed to do) and we get the Kurt solo that should’ve happened in season 6. How was there no Kurt solo in season 6? And no Klaine love song?

Here’s the solution for that: they should have sung “Teenage Dream” at their wedding. How cute would that have been? Instead, we get The Troubletones. I haven’t done a poll of Troubletones fans vs. Klaine fans, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who was looking forward to the Klaine wedding primarily for the expected duet that never happened.

You owe me a duet, Glee. A proper love song.

Update: Spotify just played me The Monkees version of “I’ll Spend My Life With You” followed by the Glee version of “Daydream Believer.” It was like a special Klaine-y present, just for me.