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I know I said yesterday was my last Glee post, but you all knew I was lying. I mean, there’s nothing else to write about, as we’ve finished watching, but it’s not like my brain got erased, and I’m still a Ravenclaw, so.

This morning, the Kid needed some help getting up. She hates when I sing and dance, and I love it, so that’s usually my morning threat. I try to start with something she likes, then move to some obscure Broadway stuff, and if she REALLY won’t get up, she gets Hamilton.

So obviously, today I was going to start with Glee, and my absolute favorite Glee moment right now is this one:

And then I came downstairs, and I was dancing to the music in my head, and Harpo was running around celebrating the fact that I went upstairs and came back downstairs, which is the best thing about dogs. Harpo is registered to the AKC as an “All-American Dog,” because I guess mutt is a dirty word to the AKC, and my own words kind of wrote themselves:

           Take me on a trip I want to go someday.

           Take me to Vermont, I want to see Stan-lay.

           I really want to

           Come kick it with you

           You’re my all-American boy, American boy.


With Harpo and Stan-lay at The Paw House Inn

Yup. I’m still a giant dork!