We’re almost at the end of Glee, and I think my obsession will wane pretty quickly once I know how everything comes out, but I’m really annoyed by a lot of things in Season 6. Mainly, why did Kurt and Blaine break up and what changed that they could get married all of a sudden? Kurt says, “everything is better now,” but what, exactly, is better? Have they even discussed the issue of leaving toothpaste on the linens? Evidently, Shirley MacLaine and Adam Lambert and work and school and and internship was not enough to give them the balance they need in their relationship. But now that…um…they’ve dated other guys, everything is fine? Why break them up unconvincingly just to get them back together unconvincingly?

Anyway, here’s what they should have done.

  1. Rachel’s story can stay as-is.
  2. Instead of breaking up Kurt and Blaine, just let them plan their wedding. There’s plenty of stress there, and in the meantime, you can have them find out what’s going on with Rachel. Kurt can decide to help her with Glee as his Junior project, which is a whole episode right there as Kurt and Blaine deal with wanting to be in different places, but then Dalton has some kind of emergency and needs Blaine to run the Warblers, so they decide to stay in Lima for the year to help Rachel and Dalton. In the meantime, Blaine can do some events with Shirley MacLaine, which is generally leading him to the idea that he might not stay at NYADA anyway, so he’ll take a year off while Kurt does his internship at McKinley.
  3. Brittney and Santana can decide to get married at the last minute and crash Kurt and Blaine’s wedding, which makes a lot more sense than what happened.
  4. Sam is exploring his options in Lima while helping Coach Biest with his transition, so that’s fine, and the Sam/Rachel thing can stay in if necessary. But no need for hypnotism. Give him a real motivation for helping Sue, like blackmail or something.
  5. There needs to be something convincing that gets Artie to leave Brooklyn. They never addressed why he moved back to Lima, and they should have. Maybe his mom has a health issue? Or he does? Finances? An opportunity to make a film? Ooh! Sue hires Artie to make a film about McKinley. That makes no sense, either, but at least it’s something and Sue doesn’t have to make sense.
  6. Mr. Schue. I’m just not even sure what to do there. You can still have the Vocal Adrenaline/Warblers/New Directions tension, I suppose. There’s something there, and there would be a lot more tension if Kurt and Blaine were trying to make a relationship work and plan a wedding while dealing with competing at work. There could be some interesting parallels between Kurt and Blaine’s issues and Rachel and Mr. Schue’s issues.

That’s as far into the season as we’ve gone. All I can say is that Kurt and Blaine had better return from their honeymoon with a kick-ass duet to make up for all the duets they didn’t sing the rest of the season, especially at their own damned wedding, which should have been the best duet ever. And also, no romantic speech from Blaine? No, “I would marry you any time, any where, and I don’t want to waste another second. We got cold feet. It happens. But now we know what life is like apart, and I can honestly say that I never want to feel that way again.” I just wrote that in 30 seconds.

Oy. Pushing through to the happy ending. Then I’m going to go back and watch my favorite bits to remember what was good about this show.