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I’ve been comforting myself with distraction this week. Orlando is too much to comprehend, and I’ve got some private things going on, too. Nothing anywhere close to Orlando, thank goodness. Mostly good stuff, really, on the personal end. But it’s a bit stressful and I’ve been in need of distraction.

So I went down the Kurt and Blaine rabbit hole. It’s a big one. I believe every second of their relationship has been YouTubed and re-edited and captioned and adored and made into fan art. Which was fun.

And then I felt a little better, so I went down the Chris Colfer and Darren Criss rabbit hole. (One can spend a great deal of time watching adorable boys on YouTube.) And that’s when I realized something. Something that actually made me feel a tiny bit better about Orlando.

I was watching an early Chris Colfer video where he talked about being bullied in high school, and I thought, “Wow. If living well is the best revenge, then Chris Colfer is really doing it right.”

But then I thought about what Glee really did for this country. Why Chris Colfer was one of Time’s Top 100 Most Influential People. Why Darren Criss was on the cover of Out magazine. Why Colfer was always being asked if he really thought Kurt would get a boyfriend, and why Criss was always being asked if he’d really do a gay kiss. I’m old enough to remember what TV was like before Glee. Before Modern Family, before Will and Grace. Back when Ellen was in the closet. And the thing is, Chris Colfer isn’t just living well. He went out and changed the world. So now, the bullies from his high school look like total backward idiots. In New Jersey, there are anti-bullying regulations in place that say that if a kid calls another kid gay as an insult, he gets written up and has to go before a disciplinary panel. Even if it’s a joke and they’re friends.  And the thing that finally go the Democrats off their asses and into a filibuster was an attack on a gay bar at 2am.

Last night, while the Kid was at practice, KPD and I decided to watch the first episode of Grace and Frankie. I’ve been meaning to check it out for a while, and we finally had a moment when the Kid wasn’t around, so we decided to watch. When the Kid came home, I stopped the show right on Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen kissing. The Kid looked at the TV and said, “What are you watching?!” She sounded shocked, and maybe a little grossed out. I was confused, since she watches guys kiss on Glee all the time. And then I realized that she didn’t give a damn that they were both guys. The Kid went to a gay wedding before she could talk. She was grossed out because they were OLD.

Here’s the thing that I just learned from Chris Colfer from five years ago. Living well is a great way to get revenge, but I’ve got a new motto:

Changing the world is the best revenge. 

So yeah, Orlando sucks. But we can either lie down and accept it, or we can take a page out of Chris Colfer’s book and change the whole damned world and make it better.

What’s it going to be?