We got to The Break Up and I don’t know how I’m supposed to go to bed now. I am so distraught over Kurt and Blaine’s break up I don’t know what to do. And I find it fascinating how lost Blaine is, because of course Blaine was written for Kurt and he has no purpose without him. But how come he can find a gay guy for a hookup everywhere he turns, when Kurt didn’t even know where to look for one and had to go after Finn? Is Lima the gayest place ever, or a gay desert?

I could comfort myself by looking to the future, which is already written (yes, I’ve seen enough spoilers to know that) but I can’t, because Rachel and Finn also broke up, and while they may or may not get back together over the next year, they won’t be together come Season 5. And I can’t write that off as “just a TV show” because it’s not. And it’s kind of creepy watching Cory Monteith barreling toward his last moments on earth.

On the plus side, they seem to have successfully brought in younger characters who are compelling and talented and who have problems that are similar enough to the first season to feel real and continuous while still being different enough to keep things interesting. And I’m really enjoying the maturity span between the sophomores just joining the show and the seniors whom we know so well by this point. It finally feels kind of like high school. Or maybe more like college. But where are the freshmen? Did they decide there’s a minimum age that twenty-something actors can pull off and it’s fifteen?

The Kid keeps telling me I have to stop trying to apply logic to Glee, which is easy for a Hufflepuff to say, but I’m a Ravenclaw and logic is kind of my thing. Like, where the heck is NYADA supposed to be? They’re always in Washington Square Park and also Central Park and on the High Line and 42nd Street. While living in Bushwick. And they never wear coats in Ohio and they always wear coats in New York, even in June. Except not in Season 4, come to think of it. In Season 4 they never wear coats in New York.

I do like, though, that Kurt is definitely not working for Ana Wintour. But seriously, Blaine. Way to slam your hand down on the self-destruct button. At least he’s suitably miserable.

But I don’t want him to be miserable. I want him to be best friends and holiday roommates with Kurt while they sing in black and white in their fabulous bachelor pad.