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Kid: What are you doing on the couch? You said you were going for a run!

Me: I said I was starting to train. I walked and danced for 30 minutes. Now I’m done.

Kid: Danced? Where did you dance? In the house, or out in the…where people could see you?

Me: Outside. I was listening to music, and it needed dancing, so I danced while I walked.

Kid: What were you listening to?

Me: Show tunes.

Kid has to think this over. “Show tunes” could be Hamilton, but if it was Hamilton, I would have said Hamilton, if only to annoy her. She lets it pass.

Kid: How many people were out there?

Me: Well, I don’t think anyone saw me, but I really don’t know. (Unsaid: I really don’t care, either. I was listening to Something Rotten, and it needed dancing. Anyone who saw me can just enjoy the show.)


Mostly, I think the Kid is proud of our geekiness. She loves Star Trek, she plays games with us (even in public sometimes), she tolerates discussions of literature and film. But she can’t get past my need to sing and dance. It’s just too mortifying, somehow.

But I am a Drama Kid, and there are things I just have to do. Memorizing Hamilton is one of them. Dancing to show tunes is another.