Kid has a friend sleeping over tonight. Her friend is a couple of years younger, so we had a talk last night about choosing appropriate things to watch (Kid always likes to watch a movie at a sleepover) and keeping in mind that her friend might not be allowed to do everything she is allowed to do.

I’ve been really proud of the Kid so far. She and her friend completely planned the sleepover, only needing adult permission and assistance with rides and food. I’m pleased that she even HAS a friend who’s two years younger. Her school has multi-age classrooms, and Kid is one of the oldest this year, so I know she’s in class with kids two years younger, but that doesn’t mean she’ll want to socialize with them. But she does. She has friends two years older, too, from when she was the youngest in class. Still, it’s nice to see my Kid acting as a leader and nurturing the younger children. She told me today that all the 4th grade girls ask her to do their hair at recess.

That’s the kind of person I want her to be. But even that kind of relationship with younger kids doesn’t mean she’ll want to have them over for one-on-one socializing.

Kid came up with a plan for dinner (we went to Noodles & Co.) and chose an appropriate movie to watch with her friend. She saved some cupcakes she had earlier so that they’d have a treat to share. And when they were done watching the movie, she asked me to come upstairs so her friend could play with Spike a bit.


Spike likes the new girl who feeds him super worms.

Then they went to bed. Both girls tucked in. Kid even gave me a hug before she got into bed. And I was both astounded and so proud that they were going to sleep without even a fight!

Then the laughing started. Laughing and laughing and laughing, until we had to go up and remind them that it was time to sleep. So…not magic children, after all.

But that’s what sleepovers are all about. I do hope they sleep a little, though.