I haven’t been writing in a while, for reasons.

For a while I was stuck on Minecraft.

Then I saw Hamilton.

I can’t do anything else now. I can’t think about anything else. I listen to the soundtrack constantly. I’ve got it about half memorized at this point. (That, by the way, is evidence of just how many words are in this show. I can usually memorize a soundtrack, at least to sing along, in a week.)

So yeah, we saw Star Wars last night, and I liked it, and I thought about it for about twelve hours. But now I’m back to Hamilton.

KPD and I are going to try the lottery tomorrow. Maybe I can see it again. I’m kind of curious to see the Sunday Hamilton. For some reason, Lin-Manuel Miranda was in the show last Sunday. He usually isn’t. And I’m thrilled I got to see him in his vision, but I’ve heard the other guy is good, too.

I’m not throwing away my shot.