I saw The Force Awakens last night and I really want to talk about it, but not spoil it for others, so I’m putting all my spoiler-y thoughts here, where anyone who wants to avoid them can easily do so.

First, here’s my non-spoiler review: see it. You won’t regret it.

For parents: The PG-13 rating is deserved. There’s some upsetting stuff in there, so don’t take a kid who can’t handle violence.


Now: on to the spoilers! Here are my thoughts. Feel free to add yours.

  1. I was pleased that Rey kept her clothes on the whole time. Big improvement over Padmae. And she can act, too.
  2. AND I actually believed Finn and Rey are attracted to each other! Double bonus.
  3. I thought casting Voldemort and Snape as the bad guys was an odd choice, but I didn’t mind it. Just a little distracting.
  4. Millennium Falcon! I loved seeing the old toys on it, too.
  5. I’m wondering if Harrison Ford requested that Han die. That was tough, but necessary. Man, though. He is dead. Like, DEAD dead. They killed him three times, by my count.
  6. I’m thinking Rey is Luke’s daughter, but she could be Ben’s twin, no?
  7. That scene where Kylo Ren rapes Rey’s brain.
  8. It passed the Bechdel test, but just barely. Seriously, folks, having women talk to each other isn’t that hard. It really isn’t. It helps if you put more than one woman on the ship.
  9. But I loved that Han and Finn were all, “We’ll save her! Oh. She just needs a ride. Well, let’s ask her to figure out how to save the galaxy then, since we have no plan and she kicks ass and all.”
  10. Is Poe someone?