I have fallen into the trap. Something awesome happened–we went on a trip for the Kid’s birthday–and I wanted to blog about it and I took lots of pictures. Then, of course, the post seemed so complicated that I never had time to sit down and write it and it seemed silly to write about little things that happened when I hadn’t written the big post yet and so I stopped writing altogether.

And this isn’t that post. Still. But I’m back, and I’m writing about geeky things my family is doing.

Namely, Minecraft. If you don’t know what Minecraft is, you probably don’t have kids. It’s a video game in which the player has to mine resources and build things in order to succeed. There are three basic ways to play (as far as I know.)

  1. Creative Mode is the Kid’s favorite way to play. You are given all the resources, monsters don’t kill you, and you can make whatever you want.
  2. Survival Mode is the mode KPD and I like best. You start with nothing, find everything yourself, and build what you need. Monsters appear mostly at night and there are several ways to die, but you are alone in the world (with some exceptions) and although there are challenges, it is basically you against the game trying to scratch a living out of the “land.”
  3. Realms is a mode I haven’t tried for two reasons. One is that there is a monthly fee to play on Realms, which is essentially (from what I understand) a set of servers on which everyone in the world can play together. In Realms you can work with strangers, but they can also choose to work against you, fighting you, setting traps, and so forth. Realms appears to be a dog eat dog world, and I don’t eat dog.

Kid got Minecraft for her birthday, and we’ve all begun playing it obsessively ever since. Each of us has at least one world operating, and our house is filled with comments like, “I got a cow!” and “How do you make iron boots?”

Last night, the Kid and I had my favorite Minecraft-related conversation.

Me: I’m building you a room in my house. It’s almost done. I made it out of wood because I know you don’t like dirt houses.

Kid: Wood?! I don’t like wood. I like diamonds.

Me: But I don’t have any diamonds.

Kid: I like blue.

Me: I’ll try to make you a blue carpet.

Kid: Humph. I built you a house. You built me a wooden room.

In the end, her room is half wood and half glass. And I got her a pet bunny named Anya. In my game, so she can’t actually get to it, but I like having a pet. I’m still questing for blue flowers so that I can make her a carpet.