1. You literally walked into a nest of yellow jackets and still remember the day as a lovely time with old friends.
  2. So. Many. Dogs.
  3. You played more games than you can count.
  4. You successfully infected the Innkeeper’s kids with Fluxx, to the point that they purchased Monty Python Fluxx, and you got to play it. More than once.
  5. The Innkeeper’s dog hung out with you so much that the Innkeeper accidentally left him behind one day when he went home.
  6. You out-hiked your athletic 11-year-old. Twice.
  7. You discovered flavors of ice cream you hadn’t seen before.
  8. Your kid asked you to buy her a sign that reads “Cinderella goes to the ball…and takes it to the net!”
  9. Independent book stores. Plural.
  10. You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)
  11. You got a signed copy of Secondhand Souls on the day it came out (see #9) and realized that you have read everything Christopher Moore has ever published.
  12. You felt SO SAD when it was time to leave.
  13. When you got home, your 11-year-old wasn’t even surly.