Monday’s plans were a bust. Kid is out of school, and we had exciting plans with my mom that didn’t work out for reasons. And what with one thing and another, the Kid turned to me and said, “Do you want to play Wii? I’m really good at Wii Sports Resort.”

It was kind of odd, because we have a Wii, and we never play it at home. But at my parents’ house, the Kid loves to play. So we did.

And even though she wasn’t always generous about giving me a turn, and she plays ping pong like it’s a shooting game, and we were playing a seven year old game on an out of date gaming system, there’s something about your tween inviting you to do something with her, and then having fun doing it together, that’s just awesome.

And any day where you make up a new happy dance is a successful day in my book.