Usually we listen to the soundtrack from the musical episode of Buffy while we drive to school, but today we were in KPD’s car and didn’t have any CDs, so I turned on the radio. We haven’t listened to the radio together much since Kid was really small, because I didn’t want her to hear things on the news that she wasn’t ready to hear, but I figure in fifth grade she’s old enough for me to help her through anything scary she might hear on a music radio station.

I flipped through the stations KPD has programmed in his car, and found that CBS-FM was doing a Memorial Day party at the Jersey Shore. As they played the opening to “Eye of the Tiger,” I was posing along with the music.

“STOP IT!!!!” Came from the back seat.

Now, this wasn’t the first time I’ve embarrassed the Kid. I kind of make a profession of that. And she’s specifically been embarrassed by me dancing quite regularly. I can’t really blame her, as I am the kind of person who dances to the muzak in Home Depot. (Is that a kind of person? I’ve never actually known anyone else who does that, but I love to dance, and when a great song comes on, or even a lousy song with a good beat, I just dance. Especially if I’m a little bit bored. Frankly, I’ve embarrassed lots of people by doing that in lots of stores, but oddly, never myself. I like to think that KPD finds it charming, but he’s never actually said that he does.)

But today was special. Because today, she didn’t just say,

“Why do you always have to dance everywhere?!”

Today, she added:

“Somebody is going to see me with you when you’re dancing!”

Mark your calendars, folks. Today, adolescence officially begins.