Next week is the big 5k race. My first race ever. The race I said I’d never run.

Parenting does strange things to a person.

Here are my goals for the race:

1) Finish. I know I can do this because I’ve done it twice in practice runs.

2) Run the whole way. I know I can do this, too.

3) Finish in less than 36 minutes. This one I’m not sure about, but it would mean taking about a minute off of my better time. It seems like a modest goal.

I won’t be devastated if I don’t beat my time. I haven’t got much data to go on, since I’ve only completed the distance twice, and those on different courses because I basically just run around my neighborhood until MapMyRun tells me I’ve gone far enough. The course we’ll be running next week is mostly flat, but with a rather large hill at the end, and I’m a little bit nervous about that part. And, of course, I’ve never run in a race, which adds a whole lot of variables. But I thought I should have a goal over and above the ones I’ve already met.

And, of course, my real goal is to be able to hike in the mountains in Vermont this August. Or rather, to hike higher, faster, and farther than I did last year.

Update 5/1/15: It’s supposed to be 79 degrees (F) on Sunday. My revised goal is just to finish, with running the whole way a triumph. The first hot day of the year always kills me. Hopefully, it won’t be out of the 60’s by the time I have to run. Also, I thought we were running in school t-shirts, but it turns out we got special shirts that say “Running Team 2015” so I’m on the team, people! Very exciting stuff.