I watched the above video at the recommendation of Jonathan Frakes (@JonathanFrakes) on Twitter. It’s fun. You should watch it.

But it’s SO WRONG.

Riker, the coolest character on TNG?!

Just: no.

To be clear, I loves me some William T. Throw in some Tom Riker, too, while you’re at it. And Frakes may well be the coolest actor on the show. Except no, because Patrick Stewart, Knight of the Realm. KNIGHT of the friggin’ REALM. What’s cooler than a knight?

A knight who captains a starship, that’s what.

In the above video, it is posited that the coolest moment in all of TNG is when Riker orders the Enterprise to fire on Locutius at the end of Season 3. When Frakes asked the question, “What is the coolest moment on TNG?” I immediately thought:


Upon further reflection, I stand by my first impulse, but I came up with other moments that I wouldn’t argue with.

Like this one:


Or this one:

Picard in what everyone agrees is the best episode of TNG, period.

The coolest character on TNG is, hands down, Captain Jean-Luc Picard. That’s why he’s the boss. And one more thing. We know that the three stars of the show are Picard, Riker and Data. There’s room in the universe for two Rikers:


And there’s room for two Datas:


But Picard?

There can be only one.

There can be only one.