I had promised a post about our mother/daughter trip to DC. I thought it would be a travelogue post, but then I realized we really just went to DC to see my oldest friend in the world.


I’ve known her as long as I can remember, and because she lives in DC, the Kid doesn’t get to see her often. When I realized that Kid didn’t really remember this Auntie, I knew I had to fix it. So we headed to DC.

Once we made our plan, I posted on Facebook that we were coming to town, and a couple of other friends wanted to see us, so we got some good visiting in while we were there.

Mostly, though, we just hung out. We spent the kind of time together that we haven’t been able to spend since the Kid was little. We watched TV, went to museums, shopped in gift shops, and ate in cafeterias. We negotiated, we planned, we teased each other, and developed private jokes. We went to the pool, where the Kid made fun of me for getting cold while she practiced her butterfly turns in a pool so small that I thought her hands were going to touch the sides. We went to the International Spy Museum, and while we were there, texted pictures of the poop transmitter to my brother, because it amused us.

The poop transmitter. It's really a thing.

The poop transmitter. It’s really a thing.

It was a great visit, a great trip, and an amazing time with my Kid. I have to say, I highly recommend a mother/daughter trip for all you mothers and daughters out there.