On Friday night we finished Merlin and decided to watch an episode of Cupcake Wars before we commit to a new series. When we were done, the Kid found a cupcake decorating book I had been given for a birthday a few years ago.

An idea was born.

Yesterday, we had our own, in-house Cupcake War. We bought a package of vanilla cake mix, mixed it up, and divided it into three bowls. Then we each doctored our batter the way we wanted and baked them up.

When they were cool, we had two cans of white frosting to use how we wished.

The rule was that you could only use what we had in the house already to doctor and decorate your cupcake.

The results were disastrous. Our cupcakes are a mess, our kitchen was a mess, and we learned very little about cupcake decorating, except that we’re bad at it and don’t have the proper supplies in the house to do it well. In a minute, we’re going to eat our cupcakes and watch another episode of Cupcake Wars and laugh at ourselves. That last touch was also the Kid’s idea.

Good ideas are good.