Merlin does something rash involving magic, so he can’t take credit for it.

Arthur does something stupid.

Uther ignores advice from Gaius.

Arthur foolishly sends Merlin away.

Merlin remains faithful.

Morgana does something the men think she can’t do/shouldn’t be doing.

Uther makes Arthur fight something that can’t be killed.

Gaius points out that he predicted the bad thing that’s happening. Uther says, “Camelot will not fall to a sorcerer while I am king!”

Guen does something unintentionally awesome and beguiling.

The only way to save Camelot involves Merlin asking advice from the dragon.

Merlin saves the day.

Arthur realizes he should have believed in Merlin all along.

Uther admits he was wrong, but only about this one thing. He’s still absolutely sure about everything else, and mostly that magic and sorcerers are evil.

*Every episode of Merlin.