We’ve begun watching The Adventures of Merlin, and with the snow storm socking in the East Coast, we’re almost done with the first series already.

It’s a good show, and lots of fun, especially watching Anthony Head as Uther, railing against magic and all who use it.

The young Merlin and Arthur are charming, as are Morgana and Guenevere. And it looks like the show had a good, long run, so we have that to look forward to, unless Netflix removes it on February 1st with many other BBC shows.

Of course, the language is all wrong and they’ve messed around with all the relationships. It’s sometimes confusing when dragons are clearly real, but griffons are things from legend (that also are real.) But the characters are well-drawn and the stakes are always high, (Arthur will die. Merlin will die. Guen will die. Repeat as needed.) so it’s a captivating show.

I’m not sure what’s up with Merlin’s bib he’s always wearing, though.

Merlin in his blue bib. He also has a red one.

Merlin in his blue bib. He also has a red one.