Yep. This dog.

Smart dog, smart dresser.

Smart dog, smart dresser.

We like to play a game with Harpo where I hide dog treats around the house and he has to go find them. He enjoys both the mental challenge and the treats.

Well, this morning, the Kid and I slept in a bit since we don’t have school today. (KPD’s school system doesn’t appreciate Martin Luther King, Jr.) Harpo was getting hungry and being a bit of a pest, so I hid treats so he’d leave me alone while I made breakfast.

When I sent him off, he ran around and found the obvious cookies, then came back into the kitchen. I was fairly certain that he hadn’t found all the treats that quickly, so I went into the living room to check. And that sneaky dog followed me, watched where I was looking, and then found the treats!

Then he came back and tried to do it again.

Well, fool me once, shame on you (dog), fool me twice, shame on me. I didn’t fall for it again. But I admit it: he got me.