The good news: The Kid finally asked to be taken to purchase a Doctor Who toy.

The bad news: It was this one.

Adipose Stress Toy

Adipose Stress Toy

This is, in many ways, the perfect toy. The Adipose, for those who haven’t yet seen “Partners in Crime,” is best defined on TARDIS Data Core, as “a race of vaguely humanoid blobs of fat.” They are made to be stress balls. This toy feels exactly like a lump of belly fat.

Which is, of course, the down side. The Adipose are possibly the most disgusting race on all of Doctor Who. They seed humans and grow babies from excess body fat. These adorable babies then emerge fully formed and toddle off down the street to their home base. The whole idea gets more vile the more you think about it, especially when the seeding is accelerated and the Adipose start to convert muscle, bones, hair and organs.

My Kid loves them because they’re cute, and she spent 16 of her dollars to purchase one, which she now uses to give me the willies.

But at least she’s now openly excited to watch Doctor Who.