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The Kid recently received a book of Adventure Time crafts. (It was this one, if you’re into that sort of thing.) One of the crafts is a needle-felted Gunter. It looked like it wasn’t too hard, so I went to Michael’s and picked up some felting supplies. (Felting supplies include wool roving, a needle, and a foam pad that you stab the needle into.)

I really took to felting. There’s a lot of stabbing, and I like activities that involve stabbing. Basically, you stab the wool roving (which looks, Kid pointed out, like dryer lint) until it tangles up into the shape you want. You can also make tiny pieces of actual felt by spreading the roving out on your foam pad and stabbing it into a flat shape. Then you can cut that felt into shapes to add details.

You end up with a little thing that your cat will bat all over the house and eventually your dog will find, eat, and probably choke on.

I made an owl.

Felted owl. Made by me.

Felted owl. Made by me.

Kid made the aforementioned Gunter.

Kid with Gunter

Kid with Gunter

And the next day, I wanted to do it some more, so I made Harpo:


And KPD made me a hedgehog.

Felted hedgehog. KPD wasn't that into it.

Felted hedgehog. KPD wasn’t that into it.

Now we’re nerdy AND crafty. Deal with it.