This week was the winter concert at Kid’s school. The combined choruses were filing onto the risers to sing that song from Frozen (no, not that one, the other one), when suddenly there was a small commotion. The boy at the end reached behind a curtain, and began passing things around.

One boy pulled on gloves, another donned a hat, and the middle school girl in the front row wrapped a lovely black scarf around her neck. Then I saw it, being passed from one to another towards the Kid. The bright, cheerful red and gold of a Griffindor scarf.

“Well, that’s Kid’s,” I thought. And sure enough, it made its way to her and she donned it jauntily around her neck, then poised to wait for the conductor’s signal.

I wrapped my Ravenclaw blue and gray a little more snugly around my own neck, and settled back to enjoy the concert, proud of my Kid’s small signal to the nerds out there that she is one of us.

My Ravenclaw scarf. Made by me.

My Ravenclaw scarf. Made by me.