We’re in the car, and the Kid is in a mood. She decides to harp on one of her favorite subjects: new pets. She likes this one because she knows I always want a new pet, and KPD is responsible for keeping me (somewhat) in check on this subject. So she asks when we’re getting a bunny.

“I want to get a bunny and name it Anya!” She pleads, invoking Buffy-mania AND love of pets in one sentence. (We also enjoy irony, making this argument a triple-threat.)

We go through our usual arguments. Bunnies don’t do well with dogs. We have a terrier. I won’t put an animal at risk, no matter how much I might want one.

And then, out of nowhere, KPD says, “What we should do is get a¬†hedgehog and name it Spike.”

Well, that was the end of me. Research has shown me that hedgehogs do fine with both dogs and cats, that they’re fairly easy to take care of, and that there are reputable breeders and pet stores that sell hedgehogs in our state.

I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time.


This is a white hedgehog. They should ALL be named Spike.