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A few months ago, a friend asked me about my new blog. I’ve tried blogging before, and she wanted to know whether I had abandoned my old blogs completely in favor of the new project, and why.

I told her that my old blogs were too narrow. Both were about religion and Humanism, and while I’m interested in those things, they’re not my whole life. But, I pointed out, nearly everything I do is nerdy parenting, so I can really keep a nerdy parenting blog going!

I was half joking at the time. But this morning, something happened that convinced me it’s really true.

Today is the day before Thanksgiving, and the Kid’s school has a feast every year, which lasts an hour and a half. Because of that, I took a vacation day, which means the Kid and I woke up like we did in the olden days when she was little and I was a stay at home mom. The Kid slept in, and when she got up, we talked about a plan for breakfast. No rushing, no fighting.

“I know! Let’s make pancakes!” Offered the Kid.

I remembered that last night, before bed, the Kid had been reading The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, and we had talked about the recipe for “Big, Fluffy Pancakes.” I asked her if she wanted to make that recipe, and she ran and got the book.

We went to the kitchen in our pajamas, and the Kid read the directions aloud while I did most of the prep. Then, just like when she was very little, she sat and ate pancakes while I finished cooking the batter so we’d have leftovers to microwave for the rest of the long weekend. She even pitched in and flipped a couple of pancakes herself.

And then, in a moment of Ultimate Nerd Mommery, I realized that every pancake I was making was in the shape of the Lumpy Space Princess!


Days like this are my happy time. I love just hanging out with the Kid, doing what feels good, with an errand (or feast) or two in the schedule to keep us from forgetting to eat or get dressed (which we’re both capable of forgetting completely.) After the feast, if the snow isn’t too bad, we’re going shopping for a present for our 2 1/2 year old niece, a task that we will both enjoy immensely. And we should also pick up a dessert for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Other than that, there’s nothing in particular we’re supposed to do. Walk the dog, I guess, and if the snow doesn’t cancel it, Kid has swim practice this evening. But no time pressures, no school, no work. Just hanging out and being nerdy together, however we please.

And that’s why I keep writing this blog. Because there are times like this that I enjoy so much, and I want to remember them. And maybe there are other nerdy moms out there who might enjoy reading about some good times we had, so they can try out the nerdy cookbook we enjoyed together.