You know what you never see anymore? Cap guns. Or those little fire crackers that pop when you throw them at the ground. Or sparklers.

When we were kids, we played with lots of things that went boom. I remember spending allowance on cherry bombs, and playing with them with my brother. I hated them because I don’t like being surprised. And I was never good at those little popping ones. I’d throw them at the ground and they wouldn’t go off. So then I’d have to step on them or hit them with a rock, and that scared me, too.

But I loved sparklers. My favorite was waving them through the air and watching the trails of light on a dark night. We’d write our names out in cursive, then realize that nobody else could read what we wrote, because it was backwards, and then we’d try to write things backward for other people to read.

And cap guns were fun when they worked. They really helped to lend reality to a game of cops and robbers, or whatever.

But these days, kids never get to play with explosives. Another thing lost to the law suits.