I’m pretty sure that Munchkin was the first episode of Tabletop I watched. Wil Wheaton had mentioned it in a blog, and I didn’t know what Tabletop was, so I checked it out. And that changed everything.

We bought Munchkin shortly after that, and we all really liked it, especially the Kid. Since then, we’ve bought a few expansions, and our deck is so big it barely fits in the box anymore. Because of that, I’ve tried to reign in my spending on Munchkin-related products.

So I never paid much attention to the branded versions of the game. I found them tempting, but never checked them out. Every time I saw one that looked appealing, I would remind myself that I have too many Munchkin cards already, and leave it at that.

But when Kid got Adventure Time Munchkin for her birthday, I was happy to play. I figured it would be more or less the same as the original game, but with Adventure Time characters substituted for the original characters.

But it’s so much more.

First, it has character cards, so each player gets to be one of the main characters from Adventure Time, with attendant benefits. For example, Marceline gets a bonus when fighting a monster with red on it, as well as one for musical instruments in play.

The cards have much more complexity than the cards in the original game. Nearly every monster has contingencies. There’s even a card that gives you a level if you can find a snail within ten seconds. And, of course, it’s funny.

It’s so much more than just a disguised version of Munchkin. It’s Munchkin with all kinds of add-ins, some of them inspired by Adventure Time, some intrinsic to particular items or spells, and others just brilliant new add-ons that are lots of fun.