The Kid has been resistant to Doctor Who for some time now. She knows all the basics: TARDIS and Daleks and what a sonic screwdriver looks like, but she’s never watched the show. She was too young, and then she got into a phase where she’s resistant to anything I really like. So when she saw me and KPD getting excited about things to do with The Doctor, she decided she didn’t like Doctor Who. Tonight, that changed.

We finally convinced her to watch one episode. We chose the first episode of Season 5: The Eleventh Hour. I thought she would enjoy The Raggedy Doctor and Amelia Pond. I think we got to her–she definitely laughed at the fish custard, and at Amy making fun of Rory, and she’s interested in what happens to Amy next, and how Amy could be The Doctor’s companion when the show has been on for fifty years and we just saw Amelia as a child. (We explained that this was the first episode featuring Amelia, and the first with this Doctor. Then we had to explain a lot of other things.)

We’ll see what happens next, but I’m hoping we’ve just added another chapter to our Kid’s nerd history.

And she doesn’t even KNOW how cool Rory is yet!