Kid’s birthday is next week, and she decided that since her birthday comes just before Halloween, she’d like a haunted house theme this year. The main floor of our house is now full of craft supplies–cardboard witch hats, trick or treat bags, spider parts, and cupcake decorations, and all the attendant crafting items.

Our basement is full of spiders, brains, skeletons, and spooky looking jars. That’s where the actual haunted house will be. We figure the girls (she only invited girls) can spend about half an hour crafting and visiting the haunted house in small groups. (To be clear, the whole party is a small group. We hold to the rule that Kid can invite as many kids as her age, and she’s turning 11. She invited 11 girls and eight are coming.)

I spent last night tying long strands of dental floss to plastic spiders. We’re going to hang them from the ceiling, and I was scared that if we used fishing line and someone got tangled in it, they could choke. The dental floss should break if anyone gets seriously caught, which would be a bummer for the haunted house, but far less dangerous. Also, dental floss is fairly cheap and easy to get.

Tonight, I built a ghoul out of Kid Project Dad’s old clothes, some rags, and a skeleton head. I think it looks really freaky. On Wednesday, when Kid is at practice, I get to staple the spiders to the ceiling and build some webbing to really freak the girls out. Oh, and we have a brain growing in the basement. It’s made of two kinds of polymers–one that grows in water, and the other that doesn’t, so the brain keeps its shape as it grows. It’s pretty cool, but I’m not sure it will be very big by Saturday. We’ll see! KPD made another brain out of tofu that’s in the freezer now.

I love that our house is full of brains and spiders.

I’m not sure how well all these things will work, but we bought a ton of jello, so we figure anything that doesn’t look gross to start with will look much grosser when covered in red jello.

Kid said our goal to make her scream once and say “eew!” once. I think we can do it!